LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- Breckinridge County Sheriff Todd Pate showed up for the first time on June 17 to a fiscal court meeting.

It's his first appearance since he was charged with his second DUI as sheriff, only to face tough questions from citizens still calling for his resignation.

The WHAS11 Focus team has brought you several stories of Breckinridge County residents raising their voices, demanding Pate’s resignation. Pate has remained silent, so now they're calling on county leadership to take their own actions.

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Pate hasn't indicated any plans of resigning, despite citizens questioning his ability to carry out his responsibilities as sheriff.

Niles Heggie stood in front of fiscal court—which includes Pate--asking county leadership to take a vote of no-confidence in the sheriff.

"It's an embarrassment to the county. If you guys don't feel embarrassed, well then maybe you should," Heggie said.

Heggie walked around the county courthouse Monday holding several signs with anti-Pate messages.

"Do the right thing, resign now," Heggie said reading his protest sign aloud. "It'd be best for all if he did that."

 "I'd like to see him gone. It's nothing personal against him, it's the position he holds," Heggie added. 

Heggie, along with another protester, Johnny Embry, feel it's up to county executives to take action.

"They need to do their job too," Heggie said. 

 "It goes a long way with restoring confidence in the system by our residents," Embry said. "That's what we're hoping."

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A vote of no-confidence is merely symbolic but Judge-Executive Maurice Lucas said the court can't and will not move forward with such a vote until Pate is potentially convicted.

He said the county attorney is encouraging a hands-off approach, claiming a no-confidence vote before Pate faces any conviction could open the doors for the county to be sued.

Pate publicly apologized Monday but not to county residents.

"I'm not happy how things have turned out, I'm not proud of that. But at this time, I still have the same authority I had prior to this. and I'll continue to serve the county best I can under these circumstances. And I apologize to the board for placing them in this situation,” Pate said.

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But Pate remains silent in responding to residents who said its time he steps down.

We attempted to speak with Sheriff Pate again on June 17 but he declined.

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