LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- August begins this week which means a lot of folks will be headed to beaches, lakes and pools to enjoy summer before school begins. This week’s App of the Week can help you make sure you don’t soak up too many rays while you’re enjoying the water.

The WolframAlpha SunExposure app helps give users the information they need to avoid getting a sunburn and damaging their skin.

Before you even leave the house, use the app to check the sun forecast for the day, from when the sun will rise and set, the position of the sun in the sky during the day and the projected intensity in your area, as well as the UV forecast.

Users can then use the app to find out their own sunburn risk based on that forecast, their complexion and what level of sunblock they’re using.

Once you’ve plugged in the information, the app will calculate how long it will likely take for you to develop a sunburn, with additional details for parts of your body that typically burn faster, such as the top of your head, your shoulders and your nose.

From there, the app will help you remember when you should reapply your sunblock, so you’ll never forget and get burned again.

So, if you could use some help avoiding sunburns on your next outing, check out the SunExposure app today.

The SunExposure app is available on iOS devices.

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