LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For people who take daily medicine or vitamins, remembering when to take what can be difficult. This week’s App of the Week can help you keep it all straight.

The RoundHealth app helps users manage and remember their medicine so they can stay healthy and get on with their life.

The app uses “reminder windows” to keep you on track, so instead of just one alarm you can snooze, the app sends small, persistent reminders throughout a designated period of time so you can take your dose when it’s most convenient for you.

For people with multiple medicines, RoundHealth lets you manage and view all of them in one place.

The app also keeps track of when you miss a dose, so you can maintain a history for your records and avoid missing doses in the future.

And, when one of your medications is running low, the app will send you a reminder so you can get a refill before you run out.

So, if you could use an extra hand remembering your medications and vitamins, check out the RoundHealth app today.

The RoundHealth app is available on iOS devices.

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