LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- One local skating duo is watching this year’s Olympic Games with an especially critical eye. The brother-sister pair, native to Louisville, hopes one day they won’t only be watching but competing instead.

The feeling they get when the blades hit the ice, is a feeling unlike anything else.

"Once you get to your spot it really just goes over like a blur- you're in there for a job and then you're out immediately. It’s nothing I can explain,” 16-year-old Christopher Elder said.

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Fourteen-year-old Sacred Heart High School student Sophia Elder and big brother Christopher, who is at the top of his class at Trinity, has been skating for almost as long as they've been walking.

"It’s really about the journey together that makes it special,” Christopher said.

Joining together to do ice dancing seven years ago, they found they make the picture-perfect pair.

"We put so much time and energy into this- every day- before school, after school, so once you put it out there and show the world what you've been practicing, what you're capable of, it’s like it validates all of your hard work,” Christopher said.

The teenagers say they still have their squabbles.

"We fight sometimes but at the end of the day we're always brother and sister,” Sophia said.

And these siblings are in sync. Even earning an elite spot in an international competition at the end of last year.

The dynamic duo flew to Croatia to represent Team USA.

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Christopher said, "You always have to keep the big picture in mind- what you're working towards so once it’s all over you remember how difficult it was but how worth it, it actually is.”

The team is now recovering before starting the next season. They only take about one week off every year.

But even in their off time, they say they're always looking ahead.

"It’s pretty much every skater's dream to be able to compete for their country and represent themselves at the Olympics,” Christopher said.

Watching the games from home this year, Christopher and Sophia admit they still have a lot of work to do. But their coach says next time, it could be them.

"I think anybody can accomplish anything if they have enough will,” Sophia said.

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