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Here are some house plant tips for winter

House plant popularity increased during the pandemic.

INDIANAPOLIS — The popularity of house plants seemed to explode during the COVID-19 pandemic, and interest has not dwindled since.

Pat Sullivan from Sullivan Hardware and Garden introduced Kari Arney from his Keystone Avenue store on 13Sunrise this week to share her expertise on indoor greenery.

For an inexperienced person who is growing indoor plants for the first time, Arney recommended "any type of snake plant or also called 'mother-in-law's tongue.'" Arney said they are very difficult to kill.

During January, February and March, indoor plants don't need much fertilizer because they are not actively growing.

Sullivan said symptoms of a sick plant often revolve around water - either too much or too little.

"Too much water, generally, they will start yellowing from the bottom and head down," Arney explained. "If it's not enough water, they will have brown on the tips on the the top of the plant and it will work its way down."

Soil type will depend on the type of plant. "Most house plants like to be on the dryer side, so they want a soil that is going to have nice drainage," Arney said. A cactus mix has sand and bark and drains well.

If you want to re-pot a plant in the winter months, Arney said to only go up one size of container. If your plant is in a six-inch pot, for instance, only move it to an eight-inch pot - no bigger.

You can watch Pat's full Sunrise segment with Kari in the video player.

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