SHOREWOOD HILLS, WI - A Dane County man’s statement about school safety was not well-received by police, according to ABC-affiliate WISN.

Jonathan Fitzgerald reportedly entered Shorewood Hills Elementary School Thursday morning around 10 am. He was buzzed into the front door but did not sign in at the front office, which is required by all visitors.

Fitzgerald went to his child’s 2nd-grade classroom and spoke to the teachers there, claiming he was an “intruder” and making statements about how he was allowed access to the building. He gave a teacher a cardboard sign that had the word “gun” written on it, then left the classroom.

He went to the main office and delivered a similar speech, handing the office staff another “gun” sign.

Fitzgerald left the school and was later arrested by local police. He has been charged with disorderly conduct and investigators are working to see if any other charges are appropriate.

“I think that the individual who’s involved in this made a poor choice about trying to achieve what they were trying to achieve,” Police Chief Aaron Chapin said in an interview with WISN.

According to officials, students and teachers were never in any danger during this incident.