LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- A local youth soccer coach is using his experiences playing professional soccer to coach children in their playing techniques and personal values.

Dr. Hector Martinez played professional soccer for about eight years in Mexico. He says it’s now his hobby to coach youth soccer. Hector says children always make him smile.

Playing professionally made him learn to work harder and make good choices. Hector says that is what he wants to teach the children in addition to soccer techniques.

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“Combine those types of things and make them into a better person. My objective is, maybe is not to make them professional soccer players, but giving them the best is they will have more values, better integrity, in their life, and maybe it will help in their professional life when they get older,” Martinez said.

Hector stopped playing professional soccer to work on his career and education. He’s now the Director of Pediatric Dentistry at UofL.

Being bilingual he can help Spanish speaking families feel more comfortable when he sees them.