SEYMOUR, Ind. — A destructive storm left behind debris and damage to the Isaacs’ family farm in Southern Indiana on Thursday.

With winds so strong you could barely stand up, a barn was blown apart, with only one of four walls left standing. The rest of them are on the ground and hanging amongst tree branches.

“All of the debris you see is from the barn. It basically just disintegrated,” said Michael Isaacs.

The farm has been in his family for almost 90 years, purchased in the 1930s. Michael Isaacs has been taking care of it for the last 13 years. He said it’s more of a hobby than a living.

“As long as no people, and animals are all fine, that other stuff can be replaced,” he explained.

A neighbor across the street told WHAS11 that he heard heavy hail and wind for only 15 seconds. As it passed he looked out his window and saw the siding from that barn scattered across the yard and in the trees.

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“We looked up in the sky and thought we saw something but weren't sure what we were looking at,” said Matt Reedy who lived in the area his whole life.

Emergency Crews in Jackson County believe strong straight-line winds are responsible for the damage, but after reports of hail, it’s possible a tornado touched down. Officials said they will work with the National Weather Service to determine the cause.

The Isaacs are staying positive, especially after neighbors showed up to help clean the chaos and bring the cattle to a family farm down the road. No cattle were injured.

“This is a lot better than it could've been. I mean all the buildings could've been down,” Michael said.

Despite a lawn and the trees littered with siding from the barn, Michael’s house is still standing.

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