LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – It’s a way out for horse owners, no questions asked.

Kentucky horse owners needing to surrender their horses had the chance Sunday at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Winchester, Kentucky.

The cost associated with owning horses can mount up.

There have been cases of horses being abused, even starved because owners just could not afford the upkeep any longer.

When owners get into those situations and they don’t know what to do, which in some cases, turn into the horses being neglected and then lead to criminal charges for the owner.

“One gentleman came in this morning. He had three horses he’s been trying to find homes for, for five years and hadn’t been able to. So because of this event, these horses are now able to come in here, get evaluated by the vet, the farrier and the trainers and get placed with an organization that can help them find the right home,” Tawnee Preisner, president of Horse Plus Humane Society said.

A total of 21 horses were surrendered during the event.

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