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Another La Niña expected this winter - Here's what its means for the Ohio Valley

This is an unusual occurrence and doesn’t happen too often, but it's the third straight winter we'll have one.

Alden German (WHAS)


Published: 4:13 PM EDT October 28, 2022
Updated: 4:53 PM EDT October 28, 2022

We’re well into autumn, but winter is already on the mind. The Climate Prediction Center’s recently released their initial winter forecast for 2022 into 2023.

La Niña conditions are again expected this winter. 

But what exactly is La Niña and how does it affect our weather in the Ohio Valley? 

It’s always important to remember that meteorologists and climatologists are attempting to predict what’s going to happen in the future – something your March Madness bracket has probably proven, is very difficult to do.

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