It's severe weather season for the Bluegrass State, but are you ready?

Severe weather typically peaks in April and May for Kentuckiana, which is why understanding your risk and impacts is super important.

This is why we want you to know your risk.

A marginal risk means, isolated to severe thunderstorms are possible and hail greater than 1 inch. Tornadoes are a low risk when under a marginal risk, which is why it is category 1 out of the 5.

A slight risk occurs when one or two tornadoes could be possible as well as hail up to one inch. Winds could be damaging at this risk and you will want to remain weather aware.

Enhanced risk means numerous severe storms are possible as well as hail greater than 1 to 2 inches. One to two tornadoes are possible as well as reports of wind damage. It is Category 3.

Moderate risk means you should be prepared for strong tornadoes, widespread wind damage, destructive hail greater than two inches and lightning. It is Category 4 out of the 5.

High, which is Enhanced risk means that a tornado outbreak will likely occur as well as Derechos, which are very strong, damaging straight-line winds, these are similar to hurricane force winds. Destructive hail is also possible with this risk and it is where you need to have your plan in place and be in your safe spot.

However, what makes a thunderstorm severe is if your viewing area has hail greater than 1inch, damaging winds greater than 60 mph and tornadoes.

It is very important to take it severe weather seriously and to listen to all warnings and watches and to have a plan and to remain weather.