LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The new Apple operating system, iOS 11, features enhanced augmented reality capabilities. This week’s App of the Week shows how those capabilities can be useful to you in your day-to-day life.

The TapMeasure app uses augmented reality technology to help you make different kinds of measurements.

Need to know the size of a piece of furniture before purchasing it? Make a point-to-point measurement in the app before you buy.

Say you need to furnish an entire room, but aren’t quite sure what kind of space you’re working with. With the TapMeasure app you can get a measurement of the floor plan, the walls and the ceiling height to make a 3D room plan you can use to design, furnish and organize.

Once you’ve finished the room and are ready to hang some pictures, use the TapMeasure app to make sure they’re lined up perfectly straight.

This app can be used to measure anything, not just home décor, so if you want to be able to make measurements without carrying around a yardstick, check out the TapMeasure app today.

The TapMeasure app is available on iOS devices, however you must have an iPhone 6S or newer and you must have the iOS 11 operating system, which is free to download.

If you have an app you think would make a good App of the Week, send it my way at wweible@whas11.com or reach me on twitter @WorldWideWeible.