LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- Kentucky's minority-owned small business of 2017 is El Kentubano. It's a free monthly Spanish publication keeping people informed about Kentucky's Latin community.

David Fuentes is the publisher. He created it eight years ago. He says he's really proud to be part of this entrepreneurial community

Fuentes says Hispanic owned small businesses like restaurants or markets are having a significant economic impact on the city because they're paying taxes and hiring people.

“This has been possible because we have been welcomed here. So, I want to express our gratitude for welcoming us, for supporting us, for bearing with our English and for providing us with all the tools for making our dreams come true,” Fuentes said.

President Trump said at the start of Hispanic heritage month that Hispanic American-owned small businesses are growing at a tremendous rate in the U.S.

See the full interview in Spanish below: