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Peyton Manning surprises Rogersville Middle School football team with new smart gear

As if the students weren't ecstatic enough to see the shiny new gear, imagine their excitement when Peyton Manning suddenly dropped in.

Rogersville Middle School football players were gifted new equipment on Aug. 24 -- and while the surprise of getting cutting edge gear was certainly felt, the man who delivered it was the one who made the moment unforgettable.

As his team was checking out the new gear, head coach Jeremy Bailey called them over to ask them a simple question: "The greatest quarterback of all time... who is it?"

At that moment, VFL and NFL legend Peyton Manning opened the door behind Bailey and the team went wild.

You can watch the full video below.

Peyton's surprise visit and the new equipment was part of Riddell's 2018 Smarter Football equipment grant. Rogersville Middle was one of 18 schools chosen in the U.S. and Canada to receive the grant, which rewarded schools that are practicing safer and smarter tactics to improve the sport and safety on and off the field.

The new InSite smart helmets monitor how many hits and how hard a hit a player takes to the head and lets coaches know if it's strong enough to cause a concussion. The technology also helps coaches work on form by letting them know when players are lowering their heads during tackles and blocks.

"As smarter technology and equipment permeate the football landscape, programs like Rogersville provide evidence of a strong present, and an even stronger future of our game," Manning said.

You can find out more about Riddell's Smarter Football grant here.