BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) – In over a year, only one person, Danny Singleton, has been charged in connection to Crystal Rogers' disappearance.

"I don't know if you ever get used to it but I'm kind of getting used to us getting slapped in the face with stuff," Sherry Ballard, Rogers' mother said.

It was another phone call the Ballard's didn't want to get and this time from the Nelson County Commonwealth's Attorney.

"He told me that that's a year in jail. So I said okay that's a year so does that mean he has time served? And he said pretty much," Sherry said.

According to the attorney, Singleton was indicted on 38 counts of perjury is connection to Rogers' disappearance but plead guilty on Friday to 38 lesser charges of false swearing. His sentence is 360 days in jail.

"Disappointed but you know we've been disappointed so many times that you get to you don't know what to think anymore because you just don't know. You don't know who to trust. You don't know what to do," Sherry said.

After almost eight months in jail, Singleton will spend the remainder of his sentence on probation.

"If he gets out what do we have left now?" Sherry said.

Singleton was indicted in December after police said he lied under other early on in the investigation into Rogers’ disappearance.

He is a longtime friend of Rogers' boyfriend, Brooks Houck, who police named as a suspect but never charged. Rogers' parents said they've always thought he's known something that could help them find their daughter.

"I always said if he trusted anybody outside their family it would be him," Tommy Ballard, Rogers' father said.

Even though the Ballard's said this is just another setback, they said there is a silver lining. Now they may be able to talk to Singleton themselves.

"I would like him to look me in my face and tell me he had nothing to do with my daughter," Sherry said.

It's still unclear what exactly Singleton lied about under oath but the Ballard's said now that he's plead guilty they'll be able to get all of that information.