LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- It's hard to believe but 24 hours ago, Sonny's future wasn't very bright.

“Considering the weather, the snow coming in, just the fact that he had no cover. So, yes, I would definitely say he was one of the worst we've seen since we founded,” said Toshie Murrell, Forever Homes for Paws rescue.

Just before the snow rolled in, this empty dog crate on the side of the road near Fort Knox caught a driver's eye. She then called the Forever Homes for Paws rescue.

“Got a call that she saw a dog wasn't sure what size or what kind sitting in a dead deer carcass,” Murrell said.

Sonny as he was recently rescued. He took refuge in a deer carcass during cold weather.

Murrell and her team sprang to action, rescuing Sonny--a terrier mix, less than a year old--who was left in the cold sitting in a deer carcass, trying to stay warm and fed.

“Kind of had to coax him away from what he thought was his safety, his warmth and he was eating on it so he was pretty nasty and pretty smelly,” Murrell said

Filth was running off of Sonny as they bathed him, rescuers got him cleaned up and checked out, and now...

“As you can see now, he's quite...what? 'Say I'm quite happy,”' Murrell talked to Sonny. “And he doesn't smell like a dead deer.”

Settling into his new home, there's no denying Sonny is one lucky dog.