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Louisville man wrongfully convicted of murder reaches $7.5M settlement

Kerry Porter was exonerated for the murder of Tyrone Camp.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – After a lengthy civil battle, Kerry Porter is now $7.5 million richer.

He says money doesn’t erase what happened to him.

“From $1 to $10 trillion – y’all cannot give back what you stole from me,” he said.

Porter and his attorneys reached a settlement agreement with the city of Louisville that was finalized last week.

“To Louisville Metro Police – shame on y’all. Shame on y’all. Y’all beyond hurt me and my family,” he said.

Porter was in prison for 11 years for the murder of Tyrone Camp.

It was a crime he said he never committed and in 2011, he was exonerated in part because of DNA evidence.

Camp’s brother, Jerome, has always believed Porter was innocent.

“City of Louisville, do the right thing. Remove yourself from this case,” Jerome said.

Porter, his legal team and supporters are calling for a special prosecutor in this case and want LMPD to step aside. Those with the department would only say they are still investigating.

“I’m gonna be here and I’m gonna be around and I’m gonna make sure y’all do the right thing. Period. Me and Jerome ain’t going away – no damn where,” he said.

The person Porter believes killed Camp was someone close to him.

No one else has been charged in Camp’s murder.

Porter said he wants to see the real killer arrested and Camp’s family continues to fight for justice.