LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- A group of men in the California Neighborhood is on a mission to make sure California Park is a safe place for children.

“Our plan is to patrol the area, to make sure the kids get back and forth to school, and back home safely. We're going to take back over the park, so the park can be fun again,” said Neal Robertson with the West Louisville Urban Coalition.

He’s one of several behind the California Park Patrol initiative.

It comes after six teenagers were shot one week ago near California Park. Robertson coaches basketball across the street at Wheatley Elementary and said ‘enough is enough.’

“I don't want anyone of the kids to get hurt. Six got shot, but six could've died. That would've been horrific.”

Men from Think Before You Shoot and Love Transformation Project are already on board, and they're on a quest to recruit even more male role models.

“If this issue is going to be fixed, the shootings, the killings and everything else, right here is where is starts,” said Calvin Wooten with Love Transformation Project.

Robertson told WHAS 11 News it can be as simple as cleaning up the sidewalk.

Neighbors came outside Friday afternoon to get a look at what was going on and said they were overjoyed by the effort.

“It's making the neighborhood aware that people care,” said Joyce Tinsley who lives across the street from the park.

Robertson insists that it can't be done without help from other role models looking to make a difference.

“The more men we get, the more we can execute what we're trying to do, but we need men.”

The goal is to spend at least three days a week patrolling the California Neighborhood

Anyone interested can contact Neal Robertson at NealR@gmail.com OR George Fields at BeaconLightofHopeMovement@gmail.com.