LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- There's no shortage of help from Kentucky as hurricane Florence stays on the path for the Carolina coast. Louisville Firefighters, search and rescue specialists, local ATF agents, Red Cross services and Kentucky electric workers are heading into the storm zone.

Outside of the American Red Cross, there was a mission of mercy.

CEO Kentucky Region American Red Cross Jennifer Adrio said, "We're just waiting for the call. They'll be ready to go within two hours."

Six people and four trucks are heading into a storm zone so many others are desperate to leave.

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American Red Cross Responder Andrew Snyder said, "Even though you might be in a big crisis with something, we’re all people trying to help people, so we get to know each other and work together."

“Working together” are now the words of the week.

Louisville Fire has teamed up with other water rescue teams and are now taking their boats to the coast.

Louisville Fire Department Capt. Bobby Cooper said, "They've all been trained. It’s something that when they sign up for, they're ready for. But it is a sacrifice that not only they have to make, that their families have to make no doubt."

Local ATF special agents are also packing their bags. They will be helping Carolinas' local law enforcement and supporting each other along the way.

"There's a lot of devastation that occurs and nobody wants to see that. Whether you're responding, or you live there, it’s not what you want to do. So, it can be overwhelming at times,” ATF Special Agent in Charge Stuart Lowrey said.

But the overwhelming devastation is something they say they are prepared for. Now, they are staying hopeful as the monster hurricane heads to the coast.

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