LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) -- If you've ever had something stolen, you probably just resign yourself to the fact that it's gone and you're not getting it back.

But there is a new property recovery system working with LMPD to up the odds of finding your stolen items.

Pro Tech DNA is basically DNA for your stuff. You swab your valuable items like electronics or jewelry with this invisible glue and use the online database to link that glue back to you.

LMPD can then scan stolen property, find that marking and know who the original owner is.

“You have valuable property like tools, which are commonly pawned, and a lot of hand tools are expensive, but they don't have serial numbers. You also have jewelry that doesn't typically have serial numbers on it, and that can be really expensive,” Lt. James Cirillo said.

LMPD is one of about 5,000 police departments across the country adopting the Pro Tech DNA system.

You can actually get those packets for free from most insurance companies.