STANFORD, Ky. — Kentucky State Police has more than 270 missing person cases in Kentucky. 

When adults go missing, it presents some unique challenges for police. Adults can choose to leave their lives behind but could also fall victim to foul play.

When a mother desperate for answers reached out to the UNSOLVED team we took up the case. 

Sandra Hasty lives up to her last name, a slender spunky woman doing everything she could think of and more to find her son, Michael Gorley.

When Michael mysteriously went missing she sprang into action. She found so many other families feeling the same loss as hers.

Gorley's mother and sister started their own investigation. They pulled the truck out of the pond.

The duo went to the house where they were told he was last seen.

Shoes, a hat, and his wallet were all items they collected. They took photos and created their own case file.

Hasty started a Facebook page to share information about the missing and murdered in Kentucky. The group connects others and sometimes even leads to loved ones to answers.

She found comfort in the community but still couldn’t find her son. She did find the UNSOLVED team and new hope to solve her son's disappearance. 

Days turned into months, months turned into years and still no resolution.

A private investigator that specializes in missing person cases took Gorley's case Pro bono.

He estimates about 95% of missing cases involve foul play; it is a lot harder to vanish than it used to be.

The PI with law enforcement background has worked many cases but without a body, the investigation sits stagnant.

He spoke to our team but asked that we conceal his identity. 

By the time Detective Thornberry was assigned the case a lot of evidence was gone.

He said he's interviewed dozens of people have in connection to this case.

The detective also told us he has a few other cases similar to Gorley's but doesn't have any concrete evidence of a connection.

For now, the family continues to search for a son still missing four years later.

If you have any information, please contact Kentucky State Police Post 7 at 859-623-2404.