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Prices are up: Here's how to save at the grocery store

Grocery prices were up more than 5 percent in July, but there are still ways to stay on budget at the checkout.

INDIANAPOLIS — Shoppers are finding an increase at the supermarket checkout, but there are ways to save.

Prices were up 5.4% in July compared to the same time last year, and that inflation means Americans are working harder to stay on a budget.

Some of the price increases at the grocery stores include:

  • Eggs 5.7%
  • Milk 6.2%
  • Roasts, steaks and ribs 13.7%
  • Fresh fish and seafood 8.5%
  • Fresh fruits and vegetables 2.3%

We are also seeing something called "shrinkflation," which is when companies slightly reduce how much product comes in a package.

The website MousePrint.Org tracks changes, reporting certain chip bags or cereal boxes may be an ounce or two lighter.

Supply chain issues, transportation costs and shortages are all affecting prices.

Kimberly Palmer with Nerdwallet said planning is essential if you want to combat costs.

"I've heard of people saving up to 50 percent off their prices what they usually pay on their grocery bill just by putting in that extra effort," Palmer said.

To score the best sales, try Flipp. It is an app that lets you look at all the circulars. Then, stack store coupons with cash back rebates through the apps Ibotta, Receipt Hog or Fetch.

Tap the offer you want and scan your receipt when you get home.

"The reason you're able to earn cashback through these programs is because you're sharing your information, you're giving them your email address, you're giving them your shopping habits," Palmer said. 

Lastly, use free curbside pickup.

Families tell me they save money doing this because you can see your total ahead of time and dodge impulse buys.