BARDSTOWN, Ky. (WHAS11) -- For the third time in the past year, the City of Bardstown has a new police chief.

“Maybe they're trying to take the steps in the right direction to clean this town up,” said Sherry Ballard, Crystal Rogers’ mother.

Sherry Ballard has been watching what's happening in the department very closely since her daughter disappeared from Bardstown two years ago.

“It's so confusing. I'm like what's going on,” Ballard said.

Then she started paying even closer attention to law enforcement when her husband was shot and killed while hunting last year.

“I think they are dysfunctional. There are so many cases that are unsolved,” Ballard said.

Now another shake up and another chief of police in Bardstown. A fourth of the police department, eight officers, have left since the beginning of the year.

“Once it hits home, you are very much aware of every little thing that happens,” Ballard said.

The current mayor announced Steve Uram is out as chief. Capt. C.D. Marksbury is filling in as interim chief. A major move for new Mayor Dick Heaton who only came into leadership after the council removed John Royalty as mayor earlier this year.

“I've begged them, we need to clean this town up and maybe they're trying to take the right steps to do that,” Ballard said.

Sherry, like so many others, in Bardstown just want to know what the future holds.