LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The sun is shining bright on this special Kentucky home in Butchertown -- the Hildegard House. It’s a place to die with dignity, surrounded by love.

Hildegard House has helped 27 residents die with dignity. Among them were Miss Edna, an elderly woman, and Billy, a rock and roller. Right now, two residents are living at the house, and six others are waiting to come here.

Their names will be added to a wreath of the residents who have spent their final days at Hildegard House.

The compassionate companions say their lives have been changed for the better, which is exactly what Karen Cassidy envisioned when she started Hildegard House one year ago.

So many enter here with hard lives, but their final days here are filled with compassion.

The house is named after Hildegard, a German Saint and Visionary who keeps watch of what seems like holy work being done here.

For Geoffrey, who has no family, it's a peace he was hoping for but never expected to find. He spent his life as a stage manager and thought his final act was going to be a solo.

Karen Cassidy says Hildegard tells her each day she enters, “I am a feather on the breath of God.”

That feather landed here for Karen Cassidy, and now for dozens of compassionate companions.

It's a place where the sun shines bright on this very special Kentucky home in Butchertown.