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Sweltering: High heat and humidity forecast the next several days

Heat index values will make the air temperature feel like triple digits.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Summer is well underway, as is the heat. Another heat wave kicks into gear this weekend and again looks to bring a lot of high heat and humidity.

Forecast at-a-glance:

  • High heat, humidity starting this weekend
  • Dangerous heat index values
  • Several rain opportunities in extended forecast
  • Heat may break late next week

Weather setup: A classic summer weather pattern has again taken hold of much of the country. The jet stream, which separates the cold polar air from warmer air in the mid-latitudes and tropics, is well to our north along the U.S./Canada border and will be there for the next few days. When this happens, warm air often overtakes the Continental United States.

An area of high pressure will also hang out over parts of the Ohio Valley and Appalachia. Large areas of high pressure in the summer often “cap” the atmosphere making it difficult for thunderstorms to form. Additionally, this dome of heat is situated such that a good amount of tropical moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will stream northward into the Ohio Valley, making for very muggy conditions.

Credit: WHAS
Dome of high pressure over eastern 2/3 of United States will result in very hot and humid conditions for us.

While a few pop up showers are certainly possible this weekend with daytime heating the afternoon, the majority should stay dry.

Credit: WHAS
Credit: WHAS

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Let’s talk heat: July is a hot month, yes, and this is climatologically the hottest time of year. However, ease should be taken when outside in our expected heat. With forecast temperatures in the low-to-middle 90s for the next several days and dew points in the lower and middle 70s, it’s going to feel almost tropical outside.

The dew point represents the temperature air must cool in order to condense to reach a relative humidity of 100%. The higher the dew point, the more moisture (in vapor form) that is in the air. When temperatures and dew point are high, the air begins to feel very uncomfortable. Here’s a look at forecast (as of Friday afternoon) dew points and the associated heat index for the next week in Louisville.

Credit: WHAS
Credit: WHAS
High heat and humidity will result in high heat index values.

This will vary depending on your location, but no matter where you live it’s going to be hot and feel gross outside.

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Heat safety: It’s important to stay cool and keep an eye on your and others’ health when it’s going to be as hot as forecast. Please stay hydrated (with water), have a source of shade available, and wear sun protection. Do you know the different symptoms of the various heat related illnesses and what to do? Here’s a helpful guide from CDC:

Credit: WHAS
Heat illness symptoms and actions to take.

Long term: Heat and humidity continues well into next week. The good news is that the weather pattern continues to show signs of more activity with better rain opportunities almost every day. Monday and Tuesday will still be in the middle 90s but have decent chances for rain. Rain opportunities increase greatly Wednesday and persist into Thursday. Temperatures are poised to take a step back Wednesday into next weekend with highs closer to normal in the upper 80s around 90 degrees. It will likely still be quite humid.

Meteorologist Alden German
Facebook: Facebook.com/AldenGermanWX | Twitter: @WXAlden