Before we dive into Sunday's dicey weather, let's put our recent deep freeze into perspective. Saturday will be our 13th day in a row with at or below freezing temperatures, the longest such stretch of cold weather since 1989. So, our longest subfreezing stretch of weather in nearly thirty years. 1978 had 14 days in a row of subfreezing weather.

Okay, let's look at the wintry maps for late Sunday into Monday, and point out the potential icy impacts.


The next five Futurecast maps time out the incoming precipitation and what type of precipitation we might see falling Sunday night. Notice, temperatures finally climb above freezing Sunday afternoon and it will be dry.

The wintry mix is scheduled to arrive after sunset. The precipitation could start as light freezing rain (rain falling on frozen ground, creating light icing). Farther north of Louisville, the dominate precipitation type could be snow, with rain south.

Many of us could literally end up see rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow. The final Futurecast maps shows light snow potential, but with above freezing temperatures, little to no accumulation is likely. The best chance for an inch or less of snowfall will be north of Louisville.

No matter what type of precipitation falls, the system will be moving out early Monday.

The bottom line is we need to watch for icy roads initially Sunday night into early Monday, especially the untreated road surfaces. Brined and salted roads should help keeps roads just wet.

The last graphic shows the January thaw on the way next week! How about those 60s!

- Chief Meteorologist Ben Pine @WHAS11Ben Facebook