Some may not realize it, but social media can be a major asset when it comes down to weather awareness.

Keeping viewers informed on the weather is one of our top priorities at WHAS11 and one way to remain weather aware is through social media.

Social media helps meteorologist educate the public and establish communication between themselves and viewers. By communicating through social media, viewers are able to establish relationships with on-air meteorologist. This is done by sharing with them weather photos and joining in on the conversation through Facebook Live.

Facebook is a huge necessity when it comes down to communicating with viewers. During severe weather, coverage meteorologist will be televised live on-air by giving wall to wall coverage during a severe weather event. Nowadays this can be shared through Facebook Live and viewers are able to see it at the palms of their hands, as well as ask questions and chat with Meteorologist before and after coverage.

By doing this it creates an open forum of communication between viewers and the weather team while also keeping viewers safe.

Often times, weather alerts are tweeted on Twitter to help keep residents well informed on the latest weather alerts during severe weather, but alerts can also be calming and fun.

While on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram viewers can tag or share weather photos with on-air meteorologist as well as comment, which helps them know exactly what’s happening right outside their doors. Viewers can even follow the weather team personally and become social media friends.

After all social media can be easy, fun and very informative when it comes down to remaining weather aware. So be sure to follow the weather team on Facebook on the WHAS11 StormTeam Forecast page and continue to visit us at for more on your local Storm Team weather coverage.