Some of our viewers had their first chance for a few snow flurries overnight Friday into Saturday!


Futurecast data shows a small wave of energy early Saturday morning could have sparked a very quick shot for light snow flurries between 1 to 3 a.m. The flurries moved through quickly and won't stick because our road temperatures will be too warm for any accumulation.

DMA Road Temps_1541777214225.png.jpg

Flurries overnight won't be our only shot for snow over the next week. We may also see our rain late Monday evening transitioning into some light wintry mix or flurries very early Tuesday morning.


Again, our road and ground temperatures will be too warm for any accumulation. Even with variation between our weather models there is a better chance for these flurries to last later into the morning.

Weather Stat_PhotoBG_1541777635480.png.jpg

Seeing snow in the middle of November is pretty common for us in Kentuckiana. We typically see our first trace of snow by mid-November. Our higher snow totals usually arrive December into January.