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Halloween's Full Blue Moon!

It's 2020, so why not make this year's Halloween extra special and spooky with a Full Blue Moon!?

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A rare lunar event will be happening this Saturday, which is sure to set up an extra spooky Halloween 2020 evening! 

At 7:04 pm, the Full Moon will be rising in the East-Northeast sky.  It's not just a Full Moon, it's a Blue Moon! 

So, what's a Blue Moon?  Well, it doesn't mean the moon will be the color blue. It simply means it's the second full moon of the month.  We already had a full moon on October 1st.  That's where we get the phrase, "Once in a Blue Moon", meaning something that doesn't happen very often. 

Some say the term Blue Moon comes from an Old English word "belewe", which means "betray".   Meaning having two moons in month, betrays the normal one moon per month.  There's still plenty of speculation about how the term started.

A Blue Moon is fairly rare, only happening on average every 2.7 years.  The last time we had a Blue Moon on Halloween was way back in 1944, during World War II.  

Credit: WHAS

Our weather will be very nice, cool, and clear for any Halloween activities with temperatures in the 50s. 

Credit: WHAS

Keep in mind the time change happens this weekend, so set your clocks back an hour before you go to bed Saturday night and enjoy the extra hour of sleep.  Our sunset Saturday will be at 6:44 pm, but very early on Sunday at 5:42 pm.

- Chief Meteorologist Ben Pine