We are watching this system very closely tonight! Southern Indiana already seeing the transition to snow at this hour, and it's starting to accumulate!

Temperatures will be key not only at the surface, but also aloft. Many southern Indiana spots have already dropped to just above freezing. Eventually, that colder air will spill south and allow the rain to transition over to snow.


As you can see on the radar and satellite, we have a lot more snow heading in this direction. Most of it aiming for spots along and north of the Ohio River!


Let's time out the snow for you. It looks like we will see the transition over to snow in the metro around midnight - if not sooner! The steady rain continues to the south.


The colder air continues to spill south with the transition over to snow happening around 3 or 4AM in our southern counties.


The light snow is still possible through 9 or 10AM tomorrow morning.


The morning commute will be a slow one! Watch out for slick and hazardous roads - especially the untreated roads! There is a good chance of delays and cancellations tomorrow morning. After the snow moves out, brace yourself for some very cold temperatures. Wind chills will drop below zero by early Tuesday morning.


The steady snow will be out of the area by morning, but a few snow showers and flurries will continue by afternoon. Look for temperatures to also plummet by afternoon into the 20s - wind chills in the teens!


Here is a look at the expected snowfall amounts on the ground by morning. The higher amounts will be across southern Indiana where we have winter storm warnings in place.


The Storm Team will be here throughout the night and tomorrow morning keeping you posted on this winter weather. Please keep us informed of what you see outside your door. Send us pictures to yourphotos@whas11.com. You can also send me tweets to @WHAS11Kristin. Stay safe out on the roads!