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Falling toward fall!

We've made it past what is typically the hottest part of the year, from here on out everything falls!
Credit: NWS

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — We have officially made it past what is typically the hottest part of the year, from July 3rd to August 6th.  Now, things begin to fall... let's explain! 

Not only do temperatures gradually trend cooler for the rest of the year, but the length of our days, sunset times, humidity, and eventually leaves fall as well. 

Take a look at the graph below created in partnership with our local National Weather Service office.  The red line represents the "normal" or average high temperature at different times of the year.  The months are on the bottom so you can match up the date with the temperature.  The blue line represents the normal low temperature at each given time of year.  The white line show where we are now in mid-August.  

Notice, after August, the temperatures take a tumble!  So, all year we have been climbing and climbing to the hottest part of the year, and now we're on the downhill side.  This means of course, autumn and fall-like conditions are getting closer and closer! 

Credit: NWS

Speaking of fall... autumn and other events later this year are getting closer and closer!  

Credit: whas

Again, not only do our temperatures begin to fall, but also the length of daylight and sunset times.  Our current sunset (August 12th) is at 8:39 pm, but in one month on September 12th, it's down to 7:54 pm.  In two months time, 7:08 pm, and by November ... how about 5:30 pm sunsets! 

Credit: whas

The length of daylight goes from 13 hours and 44 minutes on August 12th all the way down to 9 hours and 30 minutes on December 21st.   So, we will lose more than four and a half hours of daylight in the months ahead. 

Humidity is another weather-related feature that falls.  Notice the lower humidity on the way next week.  Thanks to a cold front, drier and cooler Canadian air will arrive again soon.  Just a tease of the fall-like conditions ahead. 

Credit: whas
Credit: whas

What else falls in the months ahead?  Well, leaves of course fall, and so does color.  Plants and flowers die off, and the color of nature fades.  No wonder we call it the "fall" season.  Many of us look forward to the cooler temperatures, but perhaps not the shorter days and earlier sunsets. 

-Meteorologist Ben Pine