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EYES UP! You’ll be able to see a new comet in the sky this week!

Comet Neowise will be visible to the naked eye over the next few weeks

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A newly discovered comet can be seen streaming across the night sky here in Kentuckiana this week. Comet Neowise was discovered in March by the NEOWISE space telescope. The comet is slowly passing by the sun and, as long as it doesn’t get too close, should be visible over the next couple weeks.

For viewing this week, you’ll want to look northeast just before dawn, low in the sky and towards the horizon. Next week’s viewing will require you to look more towards the northwest and just after sunset. 

For now, you’ll have to wake up very early to see Comet Neowise. The best time to view the comet is around 4:00 am. While it is considered a brighter comet on NASA’s scale, the visibility decreases as you watch closer to sunrise because the sky will become too bright.

Credit: WHAS

The comet is visible to the naked eye, but can also be viewed with binoculars or a telescope. Some Kentuckiana residents have seen it and taken some pretty amazing photos.

Credit: Thomas Empson
Credit: Thomas Empson

The comet has also been seen from the International Space Station!

When looking for the comet, here’s what you’ll want to watch for. A faint spot appears near the horizon with the signature “tail” of dust and rock that many comets have trailing behind.

Credit: whas

If you take any photos of the comet, please share them with the WHAS 11 Storm Team! You can text: (502) 582 - 7290, email: yourphotos@whas11.com or post the photos in our Kentucky / Indiana Cloud Watchers group on Facebook.