Over the past couple weeks we have enjoyed a stretch of mainly sunny and milder weather across the Ohio Valley. It's hard to believe just how extreme this abrupt transition to cold, wintry weather will be... but here it comes!

The rain that moved through this morning is now out of our area and temperatures will gradually fall behind the front. The 50s and 60s we saw this morning will give way to 30s by this evening.

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We will then track the cold air that follows a secondary Arctic cold front. Late in the week, our temperatures will run well below normal with high temperatures in the 30s from Thursday through the weekend. That is not the end of the cold air for us!

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We ran the numbers on the latest long range forecast models, and as you will see below, cold temperatures will probably run the table the next two to three weeks with the coldest of the air still lying beyond the 7-day forecast.

Tuesday - Friday of this week: 4-7 degrees below normal

Saturday - next Tuesday (12/12): 10-20 degrees below normal

Next Wednesday - next Saturday (12/13-12/16): 20+ degrees below normal

That third time period (mid-month) would likely feature highs in the 20s and lows in the teens or single digits!

Our 11-day temperature trend here at WHAS11 shows that distinct possibility for very cold air later next week, with highs in the 20s beginning next Wednesday. See it exclusively on our WHAS11 newscasts!


Unlike temperature trends, we can only look out a few days for snow potential. The best chance for some patchy light snow (light accumulation possible) comes Friday night and Saturday with a clipper system. The models disagree on how much we may see but the consensus is less than 2" over all areas as of right now.

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