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A photo has been shared showing two people loading a car with gas cans. Where is it from?

Don't always believe what you see on social media. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how we track down where pictures are from.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — As people scramble for gas in North Carolina, many took to social media to show the long gas lines and gas stations that have run out of gasoline.

A picture circulating on social media Tuesday shows a couple at a gas station collecting gas in several gas cans. It was shared thousands of times on several different social media platforms, but where is it from? 

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We tried verifying where and when the picture was taken -- but even we had a difficult time getting to the bottom of it. 

Here's how we tried to find out just when and where the photo is from.

First, we did a reverse Google Image search and found a Reddit post from Monday. 

We then zoomed into the image and saw the picture was taken at a Cenergy gas station. After some research, we found Cenergy gas supplies to stations mainly in Alabama. 

At this point, we reached out to a local newspaper in that area. Reporters at the newspaper hadn't seen the image before, but called several gas stations in their area to learn more. 

We also called Cenergy gas stations in Alabama; they told us they are not limiting gas at this time. 

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We are still trying to learn where the image generated from, but it's another important reminder: double-check images before re-posting them on social media. 

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WCNC Charlotte is seeking solutions by finding a resource for residents who don't want to drive all around town, trying to find which stations have gas and which don't. If you absolutely need to get gas, try using this Gas Buddy Tracker to find out where the shortages are. Just search for your zip code and it will list which stations have fuel.

If you spot a fuel line or a gas station running short of fuel, snap a photo and send it to WCNC Charlotte. You can upload the image to our newsroom using the Near Me function on the WCNC Charlotte mobile app, or by texting 704-329-3600.

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