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Meet Baby Nut: Planters' spokesnut is back from the dead and cuter than ever before

Baby Yoda better watch out.

Move over Baby Yoda. There's a new baby in town. 

After killing off Mr. Peanut in a Super Bowl pregame ad, Planters has brought him back as the adorable "Baby Nut." 

Mr. Peanut tragically passed away during a road trip with his friends Wesley Snipes and Matt Walsh after the Nutmobile swerved off of a cliff. The brave nut sacrificed his life to save his two friends. 

The Super Bowl commercial featured the funeral for Mr. Peanut. Well-wishers including Mr. Clean and the Kool-Aid man are all there to pay tribute as Snipes gives a moving eulogy. "I know he'd be happy that we're all together now," Snipes said."

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It's when the Kool-Aid man weeps into a small mound of dirt in the ground that the commercial takes a weird turn. A plant magically sprouts from the mound, revealing the new spokesnut. 

The baby peanut starts making dolphin noises before saying "Just kidding! I'm back," and asking for his monocle. 

Planters has since renamed the spokesnut's Twitter account "Baby Nut," and the hashtag started trending. Baby Nut has quickly become a beloved mascot, with some saying he could outshine Baby Yoda.