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Brandon Beane sees staying in Orchard Park for camp as a positive

General manager Brandon Beane sees the Bills getting good use of new facility, remaining at their home base.

BUFFALO, N.Y. — The Buffalo Bills won't make their way to St. John Fisher College for training camp this season.

Though it comes off like another setback due to COVID-19 safety protocols, general manager Brandon Beane sees this as a positive remaining at home base.

"One thing is guys have access to our facilities do you know the Pegula's put a lot of money in here and they're getting use of it," Beane said, "which is really helpful, and you can't replicate what we have here. "I'm sure the guys will tell you that their bed is more comfortable than a dorm bed or a rented bed."

"You know my bed is comfortable here than it is there but I still prefer a camp. You know you ask 50 people 25 are going to say they love camp and 25 will say they rather stay home. You can't please everybody but it will still be very productive here."

Beane also hasn't forgot about the fans. He added that currently the Bills are discussing ways fans can attend a practice or two during camp this season.