LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – New information reported by Sports Illustrated about Adidas terminating Rozier’s contract seems to support Rick Pitino’s explanation of phone calls and texts to James Gatto

The issue at hand – crucial phone calls and text messages Pitino made in the spring to an Adidas executive.

The FBI said those calls came after promises were made that Pitino would reach out to pressure Adidas to come up with money for a recruit.

The coach has always maintained he called James Gatto to lobby for former player Terry Rozier whose shoe deal had been abruptly cut by Adidas.

According to Sports Illustrated, says Rozier was cut by Adidas on May 26 because he was seen wearing Nike shoes. The criminal complaint says a phone number, used by Pitino, called Gatto on May 27 and twice on June 1.

Pitino’s attorney has said the FBI does not have recordings of those calls with the coach.


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