LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – U of L acknowledges tonight that its law firm has hired a private investigator to get information on fired athletic director Tom Jurich.

In a statement to WHAS11 News Monday, Jurich blasts U of L calling it shocking and shameful.

So, what is the private investigator looking for? Two things according to Tim Sullivan of the Courier-Journal, who broke the story.

The investigator had actually called Sullivan looking for information about the U of L Adidas contract and "any allegations of sexual harassment between Jurich and females involved with the University."

Interim President interim President Greg Postel told Sullivan he didn't hire the detective.

The law firm admits, it did and added that private investigators are a routine part of potential lawsuits.

Jurich has not yet sued U of L but did release a statement Monday night saying:

"It is ironic to hire a private investigator to pursue allegations that simply do not exist. In fact, the implication of an allegation is a bold lie. It is shocking and shameful that someone associated with the University of Louisville has hired a private investigator to pursue a witch hunt against me. The University of Louisville has attempted to destroy my reputation over the last six months; the same University in which my family and I gave twenty years of faithful service."

Statement from UofL Interim President Greg Postel, M.D.

The ULAA review of Mr. Jurich was based on his performance in 2016-17, under a different administration. Since that time, new information has come to light that revealed significant deficiencies in his performance.

As we stated previously, we clearly feel that for the reasons cited in the Oct. 20 letter to Mr. Jurich, we had grounds to terminate his contract with cause.

Statement from Stoll Keenon Ogden PLLC

In anticipation of potential litigation, Stoll Keenon Ogden has retained an investigator. Investigations are a routine part of ongoing or potential litigation.


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