LOUISVILLE (WHAS11) – "Breaking Cardinal Rules" is in bookstores as of Monday, Oct 12, but a new voice is speaking out against the book's allegations.

The scandalous claims about the men's basketball program has led to an investigation with the NCAA. The book, written by Katina Powell, claims a staff member hired escorts to have sex with players and recruits. And now more players are speaking out defending the program and Coach Rick Pitino.

Luke Hancock, a star from the 2013 championship team, is coming forward saying, "he never saw anything, he never heard anything, and he wasn't involved in anything." 

The book said the alleged activities mostly took place in Minardi Hall. This hall is home to many athletes including Hancock. According to an interview on Monday with radio station 93.9 The Ville Hancock said he is in disbelief. 

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"Shock is probably the biggest emotion. Like I said, I lived in Billy Minardi for three years, and young guys that are 19 and 20-years-old, there's obviously young girls that'll be in and out of a dorm like that, but for something like this to happen, it's just shocking. I had no idea," Hancock said.  

Powell also claims former basketball operations director Andre McGee is the one who set up the meetings.  McGee has denied those allegations. 

Hancock said McGee was always professional when working with the team, especially being so close in age.  If McGee saw players while out at the bar, Hancock said he would say hello and then leave. 

Hancock said he stands by Head Coach Rick Pitino.  

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"I had no idea this was happening. I would bet my life that Rick Pitino had no idea this was happening, and if it was, it's got to be small isolated incidents, and that's what I got," Hancock said.

Hancock went on to say that he spoke with several players on that 2013 championship team and says every single one of them said they had no idea what was going on.

There is still a long road ahead in this case. Several investigations are underway: the NCAA, UofL and Louisville Metro Police and the Commonwealths Attorney's Office.

Despite the controversy, Pitino told WHAS's Terry Meiners that resigning is the cowardly way out.