ORLANDO, Fla. — It's not hard to tell that the heart and soul of this Kentucky football team is junior running back Benny Snell.

After declaring for the NFL Draft in December, Snell enters his final game in a UK uniform chasing history.

"I feel like I did everything I could here, and me being able to have this opportunity in three years, that's God's plan," Snell said.

Mark Stoops and college analysts have praised Snell for his vision and power, but nobody saw this coming in high school. He had few offers, but the doubters fueled his fire.

"That's what's easy for us to judge, it's that competitive nature that he has," Stoops said. "You see the way he runs, he runs angry."

As Snell himself will tell you, that's how he likes it.

"Really, that's Benny. That's what Benny Snell is, that's all he knows. He feeds off the negativity, but he's always been a player that works hard — he will always go 100 percent," Snell said of himself.

There he goes again, referring to himself in the third person — something's done throughout the season.

"That's been Benny Snell you know what I'm saying," Snell said in response to reporters earlier in the season.

Few can pull off third person — the Rock and Elmo to name a couple. But Snell knows he belongs in the same category.

"You could put me after the Rock," Snell said. "I'm cool with that."

Speaking in third person is just part of his off the field personality. It draws people in, his teammates gravitating towards him.

"The real people know me, and they know how silly I am with it, but it's a lingo I got," Snell said.

And while he's certainly proved himself as a player, he knew playing in the Citrus Bowl was a given. Not only would the win give Kentucky their first 10-win season since the 70s, it also solidified Snell as Kentucky's all-time leading rusher.

Before the game, Snell spoke about how important the record was to him.

"It would mean the world to me," Snell said. "It would mean all the hard work I've put in from the day I got here til the end, it's paid off."

In the same city as Magic Kingdom, breaking records and winning games would be the storybook ending Snell dreamed of. 

And his dreams came true. Snell finished the season with as all-time leading rusher, and Citrus Bowl winner.

"Disney's where dreams come true. Snell yeah, dreams come true," said Snell.

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