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Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan talks with sport psychologist to help others with mental wellness

With times drastically changing, DeRozan continues his mental health advocacy during the coronavirus outbreak.

SAN ANTONIO — DeMar DeRozan has been popping up a lot on Instagram recently having conversations with a handful of players and friends, but Sunday's discussion on the NBA account was a bit different.

DeRozan is an outspoken mental health activist and he is using his platform to talk with Dr. Kensa Gunter, a licensed clinical sport psychologist, about how we are all coping with the coronavirus outbreak, along with 'shelter in place' protocols.

An important point brought up by Dr. Gunter is it is so easy to focus on everything we are losing. We have to turn our attention to the opportunities in front of us.

DeRozan spoke about some activities he's doing to have his me time, while also taking advantage of a more flexible schedule.

"I've been trying to challenge myself every day to do something new," the four-time All-Star said. "I tried to do a big puzzle the other day (something) I haven't done since middle school. Steady working out every single night. Trying to get outside as much as possible just to get some fresh air -- feel the sun a little bit. Run around with the kids, me especially having two daughters just trying to be their teacher. Make up for a lot of lost time that I probably miss throughout the season that us as athletes don't have a chance to have."

DeRozan also mentions how important it is to find your own boundaries of what your mind can and cannot take. 

"I try not to look too far ahead so it drive me crazy. I just try and live in the moment of the day, get past it and find something else that give me the challenge and motivation to keep going to the next day."

On top of that, there is something to be said about how we're all reacting once our day-to-day activities are taken away from us -- the good and the bad parts about those days.

"My hope is everyone finds a new appreciation for life, period. At any given moment so many things can be snatched away from us the things we love to do, the people we love -- everything. We all going to get through this, however long this takes. That's the main part about it."

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