The weather was much better for the Kentucky Derby - unlike the Friday rainfall for the Oaks. Gone were the rain boots, traded for more fashionable attire.

"The sun is making a big difference," said Diane Massie.

This is her first Derby, but it is the first time in two days the sun made for a more pleasurable experience at the track. "There's no better day to be at Churchill Downs then the spring - the first weekend of May," she said.

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"Coming to the Kentucky Derby is on my bucket list so I am really excited to be here," said Lisa Bofenkamp. She is a first time Kentucky Derby participant. She's also made a bet putting money on Patch, the one-eyed fan favorite. The horse did not win but she had good reason to hope.

"I have a one-eyed cat so I have to bet on the one-eyed horse. It's only fair," she told WHAS11.

No matter the outcome, the excitement surrounding the first Saturday in May proved to outshine any weather worries. "It's special. It's a very special place to be," said Massie.

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