Today, if you are looking for a little inspiration through entertainment there’s a stage play in town. Mama’s Prayer by Reginald A. Batiste brings a star-studded cast with him. He has a diverse group of actors that you’ve seen on hit reality shows, a gospel competition show to a popular game show.

I had a chance to ask Batiste a few questions about his production. I started by asking him to set up Mama’s Prayer. He say’s “Mama's Prayer Stage Plays is a live theatrical production journey of making personal trials and victories within the family who have to make decisions to maintain the family unity.”

I referenced earlier that you would recognize many of the cast members. They are: Amber Bullock- Sunday Best Season 4 Winner; Calvin Richardson- Actor, Grammy Nominated R & B Singer, Gary "Lil G" Jenkins- Lead Singer of the super-group Silk, Actor, songwriter/producer; Claudia Jordan- Atlanta Housewives, Price Is Right Model and Actress; Willie Taylor- Day 26, Making the Band with P Diddy, Love and Hip Hop, Actor and Thrill Da Playa- Actor and Grammy Nominated Rapper.

Batiste tells me it took him about two weeks to come up with the concept of the play and then pen it. From there he starts the casting process and then rehearsals for about eight weeks. Its different for every writer/producer but it was interesting to see what his timeline for this particular project took him.

He did remind me that the entire production took years because it was written a few years ago and now coming to fruition.

When choosing cities to tour what made him decide to schedule our town Batiste says “Louisville is a friendly city with many talented people residing there. It is filled with great culture and beauty! We figured with the challenges we are facing as a race this production will hit home where the people can receive and enjoy such a powerful message of hope!”

If you would like people to relax, laugh, and be shocked with the twist and turns within the many plots of this play you need to see Mama’s Prayer later today. There are actually two shows. The first at 3:00 pm and the other at 8:00 pm. Both at the Brown Theatre on E. Broadway in downtown Louisville. You still have time to purchase tickets for both shows.

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