I was writing down some things to say about Waterfront Park's new parking fee, how totally ridiculous and rotten I think it is to charge at the place that brings us all together and has always been free, when Harvey suddenly turned into a category four hurricane.

It made me think: How important is this parking complaint?

So I ripped up my commentary on that, even though I still think it’s wrong to charge.

This week, I hope, made us all look at each other differently.

A hurricane does not care about the civil war, confederate statues, the color of our skin, our race, whether you're a Republican or Democrat, or parking fees.

Thank god rescuers and neighbors helping each other in Texas don't care about any of that stuff either. They just jump in, everybody, saving each other.

Disasters, big and small strike more often it seems.

We then all chip in, like you did, raising more than $63 thousand in three hours on our telethon Kentuckiana Cares for Texas.

Then there's Joe Burnett JR. We found him with a couple of enclosed trailers. He parked them next to his flooring store on Preston Highway near Home Depot and said, "Hey, I’m loading them up and heading south."

Joe put one message on Facebook about his desire to fill them up, and look what happened. When we were there, lines of cars showed up. People were so generous. It was a traffic jam of goodwill.

Why? We all know it could be us one day.

Houston has shown the best of our souls.

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of the way we treat each other when there are no storms, no disasters.

We live in one of the most generous areas in the country. So drop the hate for the greater good.

This is my opinion and my Proffitt Report commentary tonight. You can reach me on twitter @whas11doug and my direct email, dproffitt@whas11.com