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Uncommon fish found on the Outer Banks by vacationers

He was a unique find mostly due to the fact that his species isn't normally this far north.

NAGS HEAD, N.C. — A fish out of the water! 

Well, not technically out of the water, but certainly, out of the water it's used to. 

A representative from the North Carolina Aquarium sent a photo of a unique find down in the Outer Banks.

A young boy who was vacationing with his family in Kill Devil Hills captured a small Web burrfish, which was then taken to an aquarium facility and later released, according to a news release.

So, what's the big deal? 

For starters, take a look at how the fish seemingly bops around in the water. It's pretty cute: 

But more importantly, this species isn't normally this far north. 

Web burrfish are common in warmer waters down south, from southeast Florida and the Bahamas to Venezuela. 

They are also typically found hanging out on seagrass flats, which are patches of grass that grow in marine environments. After all, these fish only grow up to 10 inches long - so they're pretty tiny. 

Aquarium officials think that this little pal likely hitched a ride up north on some seagrass. Imagine the surprise it felt to be so far from home! 

Fortunately, the fish has now been returned to the water, where it can happily swim free again. A special experience for all involved.

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