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VERIFY: Yes, the $79 'Indiana Equifax Settlement' check in your mailbox is real

13News can verify that the settlement checks now arriving from the “Indiana Equifax Settlement QSF” are legit.

INDIANAPOLIS — About 3.9 million Indiana residents had their information compromised in the 2017 Equifax data breach. 

Now Hoosiers are getting checks from Equifax and they want to know if they're real. 

The question

Indiana residents have contacted 13News to question checks showing up in their mailbox.

“I received a check from Indiana Equifax today for $79.31,” wrote 13News viewer Maureen. “Can you verify this check is for real? I don't want to deposit it to my bank if it’s a fake.”

Are settlement checks now being mailed to Hoosiers who filed a claim under the Indiana Equifax settlement, or are the checks appearing in mailboxes part of a scam?

Our sources

Indiana Attorney General’s Office and the Indiana Equifax Settlement Administrator’s website.

What we found

Anytime you get an unexpected check in the mail, it is wise to be suspicious and to ask questions.

The good news for Maureen and lots of other Hoosiers is the settlement checks now arriving from the “Indiana Equifax Settlement QSF” are legit.

It involves a massive security breach at the Equifax credit bureau back in 2017. The breach compromised the social security numbers, birthdates, addresses, credit card information and driver's license numbers of 147 million Americans. 

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States like Indiana sued and won class action settlements. Indiana’s $19.5 million settlement is one of the largest and is divided among the 236,616 current and former Indiana residents who filed a claim to be a part of the payout.

“Each person who filed an eligible claim for restitution at IndianaEquifaxClaims.com will receive approximately $79," a statement from the Attorney General’s Office said. "The Office will begin distributing digital and check payments on March 31. Claimants will receive their money in the manner they requested at the time of their claim."

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The settlement website provides more details on how the payments will be distributed.

“If you chose to receive a check, checks will be mailed to the address you provided with your claim submission. If you selected the digital pay option, an email will be sent to the address entered on your claim form and will provide additional instructions on how to access your payment,” says a message now posted on the website.

The checks are printed on a light blue background. They say “Indiana Equifax Settlement QSF” in the corner with a Milwaukee mailing address and originate from The Huntington National Bank in Columbus, Ohio. They are accompanied by a short message from Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita above the check.

If that matches the check you received, we can verify, YES, this $79.13 check in your mailbox from the Indiana Equifax Settlement is real. You must cash it within 180 days of March 31, 2021 to receive the money. Those receiving a digital payment will receive an e-mail with more instructions.

You can find more details about the settlement at IndianaEquifaxClaims.com.

And if you see something suspicious you want 13News to verify, send us an email at VERIFY@wthr.com.