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Verify: Is the $75 Aldi coupon on Facebook real?

Who doesn't want to save on groceries?

Who doesn't want to save on groceries?

A crazy good Aldi coupon is making the rounds on social media, promising $75 off any purchase of $80 or more if you use it by June 30.

That’s practically free groceries, right?


Our Verify team went straight to the top, talking with representatives of Aldi’s U.S. headquarters who told us it’s a scam.

"These offers weren't authorized or distributed by Aldi, and will not be honored at Aldi locations,” one representative told us.

So, this coupon is not good for $75 or anything off.

The representative added they do not know who is behind the scam, but Aldi never gives out online coupons. Aldi only gives out paper coupons that come in mailers or at events. If you find it online, it’s a lie.

If you still are questioning a hard copy coupon you receive, Aldi says call their customer service line and just ask.