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No, homemade baby formula is not safe for babies

There are posts circulating on social media with recipes for homemade baby formulas amid the baby formula shortage in stores.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — Families across the nation are struggling to find baby formula. The shortage only made worse by recalls and supply chain issues.

With many parents desperate to feed their babies, there have been posts circulating social media with homemade baby formula recipes.


Is homemade baby formula safe for infants?



This is false.

No, homemade formula is not safe for babies to consume.


The AAP warns parents not to feed homemade formula to infants. It might contain too many or not enough nutrients and can put babies at risk of getting sick, that's according to the AAP.

The FDA also advises parents to not give babies homemade infant formula because of serious health and safety concerns including contamination, nutritional imbalances and food borne illnesses. 

The FDA does regulate all commercially available infant formulas, but doesn't regulate recipes for homemade formulas.

Little agrees.

"It is not safe to make your own formula. There are several reasons to go along with that. One of the biggest reasons is the risk factor of not mixing it correctly," Little said.

She continued to say that if it is not mixed the right way, babies could be given too much or too little of something they need. She said this could cause problems with brain development, weight gain and digestion along with many other issues.

"This too will pass and we will get to a point where we have enough so the resources you can tap into will hold you over until you can get it, but don't think you have to resort to making it on your own or creating it on your own," Little said.

She suggested if you're having trouble finding formula to reach out to your pediatrician's office, WIC or a lactation consultant for help.

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