LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) – Tolling will begin for three Ohio River bridges on Dec. 30.

Bridge officials recommend Kentuckiana drivers register for transponders by the end of the week.

"If you want something nice you've got to pay for it," driver Roy Drake said.

After years of construction, the wait is finally over. The Kennedy and Lincoln bridges opened in mid-November and the East End Bridge is just days away from opening.

Two new bridges and one completely renovated made for a costly project in Kentuckiana and now it’s time to pick up the tab.

"As we know, all of this is not possible without tolling. We've been asked time and time again, when is tolling going to start? Today, we have an answer for you," Mindy Peterson with RiverLink said.

Come Dec. 30, it will cost to drive the Lincoln, Kennedy or East End bridges. For cars it will be between $2 and $4, the price for bigger vehicles can be up to $12.

The cheapest price comes with a transponder.

You can register at one of several RiverLink offices or online.

"Once you've signed up for your account, if your license plate is registered, you are paying the lowest rate starting with day 1 of tolling," Peterson said.

For those with the local transponders, you're encouraged to get it on your windshield now. Officials said it should be installed as high and centrally located as possible.

If you're waiting on your E-ZPass, look for it in the mail at the end of next week.

"Bridges are expensive – there’s upkeep that’s needed, you know, we just have to bite the bullet and pay for it if we want it," Drake said.

Drake of Jeffersonville, who drives to Louisville for work, said the new bridges are worth the cost and the wait was less than he expected.

"I thought the bridge would open when I retired, 10 years from now. So this is nice," Drake said.

With just over two weeks until the tolling is in full effect, we know you still have questions.

One of the most asked questions on the WHAS11 Facebook page was: Do you have to get a transponder and what happens if you don't?

Officials said registering for a transponder is the only way to get the lowest price, if you don’t have one and cross the bridge, the bill will be mailed to your home address.

"I didn't want to mess with mailing or anything online so I just signed up for them to take it and it automatically replenishes. Pretty easy process," Kevin Jacobs, a Louisville resident said.

Another frequently asked question was: when will you get your E-ZPass?

Officials said watch for it in the mail at the end of the next week. If you are registered, you will be billed the lower price, even if you don't get the physical transponder in time.

"It will save me probably 40 minutes a day travel time so I don't mind paying a couple of bucks to save that kind of time", Drake said.

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