LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Having safe sidewalks is a huge part of the vision for the future of Jeffersonville. Mayor Mike Moore said there are a lot of exciting projects in the works.

 "We want to encourage people to get out and take a walk," Moore said.

You may have noticed Jeffersonville's revitalization over the last several years. From the Big Four Bridge to the Greenway, all of these projects fall under the city's 2011 Sidewalk Master Plan

"We're putting a pretty heavy emphasis on crosswalks and just making things safer and well lit," Moore said.

With some major projects checked off their list. The city is looking to update their plan. Longtime Jeffersonville residents Linda and Alvin Stapp said they're excited for the changes after a change in their health.

"Alvin was newly diagnosed with diabetes, so about a month we've been walking every day," Linda Stapp said. 

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Jeffersonville's Public Works Department has a survey, asking people how they use sidewalks and what amenities they'd like to see. Linda already filled one out.

"I don't know that I have the answers, but I would certainly like to see the businesses that bring the walking traffic," Linda Stapp said.  

Moore now looking ahead to expanding the Greenway that connects Jefferson to Louisville, New Albany and Clarksville.

"I would like to extend it eastward and take it through the Jeff Boat Property. It just connects the community."

So far, the city has put in over 14 miles of sidewalks and they're still looking to put eight more miles in. 

"We're putting a heavy emphasis on bicycling and walking around the community," Moore said.

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Jeffersonville is feeling the positive effects of these new projects with more people coming to the city and there's no indication that the city will be slowing down any time soon. 

Whether it be connecting residential areas like this one to the waterfront or seeing the artwork on your daily walk, the city would like your input. Here's a link to the survey.

Also part of the plan is Spring Street, where Moore broke ground on Tuesday morning, April 23. Crews will begin reconstructing Spring Street, between 14th and Riddle streets in the Claysburg neighborhood.

There's a very deteriorated section of the road that will be redone, but there will also be better sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, bike lanes, and street lighting. 

The work is expected to be done by August.